Solar Retro Sweets Treasure Gift Box

Product Code: JT-GB-54052
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Solar Retro Sweets Treasure Gift Box

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Solar Retro Sweets Treasure Gift Box

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Solar Treasure Gift Box

Just imagine the look on their face when they open up this wonderful Retro Sweets Gift Selection Box. Somehow we managed to cram pack a stunning 51 classic retro sweets into this Solar sweetshop in a box!

Bring back memories with this perfect retro gift idea.

Our Solar sweet hamper contains 51 different retro sweets:

  • Black Jacks Chews (the classic retro chew)
  • Fruit Salad Chews (that unmistakable raspberry and pineapple flavour)
  • Refreshers Original (the fizzy lemon chew)
  • Anglo Bubbly (the king of bubble gum)
  • Chocolate Footballs (have a kick about)
  • Love Heart Mini Rolls (what will your say?)
  • Parma Violets (the marmite of the sweet world)
  • Fizzers Original (feel the fizz)
there's more....

  • Milk Chocolate Coins (large gold chocolate coins, everyone loves them)
  • Maoam Mini Chews Bars(only the best from Haribo)
  • Wham Mini Chew Bars (a mini version of some classic retro chew bars)
  • Vanilla Fudge (bite sized block of vanilla fudge wrapped)
  • Brazil Nut Toffee (toffee filled with crushed Brazil nuts, individually wrapped)
  • Rhubarb & Custard Sweets (what a classic; tangy rhubarb and creamy custard)
  • Sherbet Lemon Sweets (another classic, tangy sherbet lemon hard boiled sweet)
  • Softies Fruit Sticks (soft chewy sticks made with real fruit juice)
  • Happy Tattoo Bubblegum (relive your childhood, fool your mates with a tattoo)
  • Sherbet Tubbies (fizzy sherbet filled tubs)
and more....

  • Double Lollies Original (the original chalky long lasting lolly)
  • Giant Drumstick Lollies (a blast from the past, unmistakeable milky flavour)
  • Giant Bubblegum Strip (a strip of bubblegum balls)
  • Chupa Chups (the gold standard when it comes to lollies)
  • Tongue Painter Lollies (a strange lolly which paints your tongue!)
still lots more....

  • Candy Necklaces (wear it, eat it, relive it!)
  • Dip Dab (a fizzy sherbet dip to get your tongue tingling)
  • Chewits (a pack of this classic chewy favourite)
  • Flying Saucers (our most popular sweet, a full bag of them!)
just a few more retro classics....

  • Candy Whistles (blow that whistle and bring back memories)
  • Sherbet Fountain (another retro classic, now in plastic tubes to keep them fresh)
  • Fizz Wiz (space dust, popping candy at its best)
  • Tango Popping Candy (popping candy which tastes like tango, you’ve been tangoed!)
  • Double Dip (classic fizzy sherbet with a dipping stick)
  • Rainbow Drops Large Bag (remember these? multicoloured puffs of rice)
  • Wham Bar Original (a tongue tingling raspberry chew bar; an 80's icon)
  • Refresher Chew Bar (another iconic chew bar, full of fizz)
  • Drumsticks Chew Bar (the final iconic lolly in the form of a chew bar)
  • Flumps (soft and fluffy twist of marshmallow)
  • Candy Sticks (box of sweet cigarettes without the red tips!)
even more classic retro sweets....

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Slender Bar (Cadbury milk chocolate whats more to say)
  • Curly Wurly (they still make em!)
  • Mr Toms Peanut Bar (roasted peanuts in a caramel coated bar)
  • Jelly Tots (classic squidgy jelly drops)
  • Candy Lipsticks (a 70's classic)
  • Fizzy Wine Gum Rolls (who does’t love wine gums, these are fizzy as well)
  • Haribo Jelly Mix (a bag of Haribo jelly favourites)
  • Haribo Tangfastics (a share bag full of Haribo fizzy jelly favourites)
  • Gummy Pizza (a pizza made of jelly, what could go wrong?)
  • Gummy Burger (a jelly burger, constructed out of burger buns and a beef patty!)
  • Tooty Frooties (remember these, another classic crunchy and chewy)
  • White Mice (a bag of these classic mini mice)
Last but not least a bag of Chocolate Jazzies.

More sweets for your money, no other retro sweet box like it!

On rare occasions we may have to replace an item, rest assured it will always be replaced with a equally retro equivalent.

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